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Receive unparalleled services and products from UNIQUE DRILLING FLUIDS, INC., a global oilfield chemical manufacturer and wholesale chemical supply company. We are located in the United States of America with corporate headquarters, manufacturing facility and blending facility located in Dallas,TX. We also have manufacturing, blending capabilities and a support staff  in Houston,TX close to the Port of Houston. This location allows for easy and cost effective exporting to oil rich countries. We also have offices and a support staff in New Orleans, La. to assist and cater to the Gulf of Mexico hydrocarbon extraction activities off the coast of Louisiana.

Our business is dedicated to becoming one of the top companies in the industry worldwide. We work hard to make sure that we always satisfy your needs.  We are an integrated oil and gas chemical company with an abundance of diversity. Our domestic presence grows daily in places such as West Texas, South Texas, Pennsylvania and North Dakota, however we love global affiliations. 

Presently we have affiliates and service clients in countries such as Nigeria, Angola, Republic of  South Sudan,Tanzania, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Great Britain, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Barbados, Colombia, Ecuador, Libya, Jordan, Venezuela, Yemen, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India, Iraq, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Oman, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar and many more countries.

We believe in quality assurance and quality control. We offer high quality yet cost effective products. We pride ourselves on our versatility with respect to instrumentation and the research thereof. Our research and development department work long hours to ensure that innovative specialty chemicals and field portable instrumentation are integrated into our product portfolio. Scientist and engineers are the brains and brawn behind UDF's upward motivation and success.We are committed to delivering excellence in everything we do. Our staff is focused on success and fully understands that the only way we can continue to be successful is by making you happy. Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional products and services and become a partner of UNIQUE DRILLING FLUIDS, INC.


 Unique Drilling Fluids, Inc. spend countless hours making sure we provide you with the right product for your application. Our high quality control standards are non-negotiable. Make no mistake,  our definition of cost-effectiveness does not mean lower quality! In fact, we aim to ensure that our products are top of the line and second to none. Extensive research has been done to guarantee that our products surpass API's specifications where applicable. We also ensure that our products set industry standards whereby API may not have a standard. We believe in innovation and one of kind material that has not been used or that is unknown to the oil and gas industry. Our product specificity is unlike most in industry. We understand the needs and wants of operators and service companies. We understand that all wells are different and the chemicals that we manufacture must be as diverse and everchanging as the wells they are expected to perform in. Our creativity allows you to maximize your profits, by specifically designing a product  just for you. Nevertheless, your product will perfom exceptionally well as indicative of physical, analytical and field testing. Our products are packaged "Global-Ready" and are used in the field trouble-free. We at UDF, Inc. stand behind our products and never leave you alone during troubled times. We are here to offer you the best consultation and technical support. Affiliate yourself with a growing global company today! "We give our clients what they want but give the well what it needs!"





UDF INC utilizes state of the art manufacturing equipment to ensure that all products are made to surpass API's standards. We work around the clock monitoring reactons and making sure that products get out the door quickly and efficiently.



Creativity is the mindset of UDF. We carefully formulate products and literally watch them from initiation to completion. A watch glass on the reactors ensures that monitoring is trival. Our polymer chemist are the best in the industry and are specifically trained to innovate oilfield chemicals applicable to the variety of oilfield systems disciplines.



Quality control is by far one of the most important aspects of developing and making good products. No material leaves the plant without first being tested, retested and test again.



Although it may look easy or read trivial, packaging is very important to UDF. It is our goal to ensure that our clients receive the very best packaging material avaialble on the market. Could you imagine a great product that has endured long hours of research, manufacturing, and quality control all to go inside a substandard container?



UDF is an open door and welcome our clients inside our homes to make sure that we are meeting their goals all the way. Most of our clients who own their firms are engineers themselves and know exactly what they want and their operators need. For Example, Emi Ogbunuju, CEO of TECH-Daer, a well known Nigerian service company travels extensively to our facility and works hand and hand with us to ensure the system is developed exactly to his specifications and sequenced in only the right way.l



UDF'S diverse product portfolio provides a host of oilfield chemicals that cover drilling fluid additives, cement additives, stimulation chemicals, fracking chemicals, production treating chemicals and specialty surfactants . There is no product that we cannot make avaialble for you at UDF.


UDF utilizes all the necessary specialty  equipment to provide performance evaluations on products that we develop. The state of the art computer assisted and monitored HPHT consistiometer collects data while we optimize the loading/concentrations of a special develop cement retarder.



UDF believes in utilizing material never used in industry before. Our saying nothing ventured nothing gained is drives motivation and innovation and enables us with the courage to try new raw material taken from nature. The proprietary raw material used to develop this end product is known in nature as the strongest natural fiber known to man. It is used in our product portfolio as a excellent severe lost circulation material. This same raw material when modified has application as a great cement fluid loss additive.



UDF has a great fondness for oilfield cementing and the challenges that it presents insitu. Fluid loss evaluation at high temperatures are a keen interest to the laboratory staff at UDF. There is no telling who you may find working in the laboratory at UDF. In lieu of performing his executive duties, UDF's CEO has even been known to move away from the desk and get an idea and run to the lab to perform a fluid loss and thickening time test. Only at Unique!


UDF maintains an inventory for its regular clients that require quick turnaround for its field operations. Typically products are made to order because of the change in specifications that are needed by many. UDF does not believe in making generic products, we believe in making products that target the well needs. By doing so, the client can optimize the concentration and use a small fraction of product compared to manufacturing products in the dark and not having a clue as to well specific requirements.


Production chemicals can be tricky if the right analysis or manufacturing know how is unknown. UDF products are manufactured using state of the art equipment. Corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, demulsifiers, surfactants and oxygen scavengers just to name a few are an integral part of the production chemical product portfolio.







 Technical Insight



"UDF'S SPECIALTY CHEMICALS SHOWCASE" See Products for chemical descriptions!