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 Oil Based Drilling Chemicals and Systems




Unique Driling Fluids low toxicity invert emulsifier oil base drilling fluid system, TOTAL-EASE relies on reverse osmotic migration to control shale swelling and hyper-dehydration. The base oil, is a low toxity synthetic oil. The systems bodying agent is developed with a special organophillic clay, ORGANO-EASE. The emulsifiiers chosen rid drilling fluid engineers worries by emulsifying any formation water that may invade the system. Fluid loss is not a problem due to a special air blown colloid, LIG-TIGHT-II.  All the benefits that accompany an oil base system such as increased drilling rate, temperature stability and  low maintenence are what makes UDF's TOTAL-EASE system the perfect solution for your drilling process. Learn more about the chemistry of TOTAL EASE and its constituents.

 Download TOTAL EASE Oil Base Drilling Fluid System


U-DRILL-OBM is Unique's true oil mud system. It is an economical alternative to synthetic oil base systems. This system drives directional drilling where water base fluids fail to go. Problematic stuck pipe is not an issue with this system and therefore will allow you to reach your targeted depth  trouble-free. The continuous phase is usually diesel oil because of its superior performance and economical benefits. However, crudes are an option with this system and are used solely at your discretion. The system utilizes 3-5% H2O content along with our U-MUL-21 (primary emulsifier) and U-MUL-22 (secondary emulsifier). We control fluid loss in this system by utilizing our special GSUB-36 additive. CaOH is used in this system along with a special true oil organophillic clay, U-VIS-OB. Weighting materials are used to optimize density and wetting agents such as our surfactant UQO-WET ensures solid wettability and stability. Yielding is enhanced with UNI-YIELD-II, designed specifically for true oil mud systems. Conversely, viscosity can be decreased with our special thinner UQO-THIN. 

Download U-DRILL-OBM Oil Base Drilling Fluid System


UNI-YIELD is a synthetic oil base drilling fluid system rheology yield enhancer. Please view our product data to learn in detail the application and treatment reccomendations.

Download UNI-YIELD  Mud Yield Enhancing Formula

UNI-YIELD-II is a powder but can also be dispersed into a solvent to increase yielding in diesel based drilling fluids.



MUL-EASE I is Unique Drilling Fluids primary emulsifier, which is composed of glycerides and fatty acids and used in the TOTAL-EASE OBM system.

Download MUL-EASE I Primary Emulsifier Invert Emulsion OBM

MUL-EASE II is our secondary emulsifier used in conjunction with the primary.

Download MUL-EASE II Secondary Emulsifier Invert Emulsion OBM

U-MUL-21 is a primary emulsifier utilized in true oil mud systems. It emulsifies invading  formation water on first contact.

Download U-MUL-21

U-MUL-22 is UDF's secondary emulsifier that is used in conjuntion with U-MUL-21. It is ideal for true oil mud systems.

Download U-MUL-22


TROL-EAZE is colloidal resin used to impart filtration control in oil base drilling fluids.

Download TROL-EAZE

SYN-EAZE is an amine treated synthetic polymeric fluid loss control additive.

Download SYN-EAZE

GIL-TIGHT is a high qualtiy gilsonite ideal for controlling fluid loss in oil base muds.

Download GIL-TIGHT

LIG-TIGHT is a high quality modified lignite used to control fluid loss in oil based drilling muds.

Download LIG-TIGHT

LIG-TIGHT II is a high qualtiy modified lignite used to control fluid loss in high temperature wells.


GSUB-36 is an untreated gilsonite substitute that has exceptional fluid loss control in oil base drilling fluids. Comparative studies were performed against gilsonite and the results showed better performance than those of gilsonite in an invert emulsion OBM.

Download GSUB-36


ORGANO-EASE is a quality wyoming bentonite treated with a surface changing chemical which exhbits  hydrophobic characteristics that are ideal for oil base drilling fluids.


U-VIS-OB is a specially designed organophillic clay used in true oil based mud systems. 

Download U-VIS-OB

ATTA-EASE is a quality surface treated attapulgite clay.

Download ATTA-EASE

NON-ACTO CLAY is a non-activated clay that is treated with a surfactant which imparts hydrophobic characteristics.



QUE-SEAL OB is a lost circulation material ideal oil base muds. It is used to seal fractures in the wells formation which may occur during the drilling.

Download QUE-SEAL OB

SEEP-RID OB is a lost circulation material used to rid seepage losses that may occur while drilling with an OBM.

Download SEEP-RID OB

BIOSEEP-RID is a fibrous cellulosic micronized lost circulation material effective at controlling seepage losses encountered during drilling.



UNIQ-WET is a low tox oil wetting surfactant which is used to wet solids in invert emulsion and oil based drilling fluids.

Download UNIQ-WET

UQO-WET is an economical oil wetting surfactant which is used to wet solids in invert emulsion and oil based drilling fluids.

Download UQO-WET


UQO-THIN-LT is an effective low-tox thinning additive used in oil based muds. It reduces the viscosity of muds containing organophillic clays.

Download UQO-THIN

UQO-THIN is a cost-effective thinning additive which works well in oil base muds containing diesel as the solvent and organophillic clay as the viscosifier.

Download UQO-THIN