AMERICAN OILFIELD CHEMICAL MANUFACTURER                                                                                    


Research and Development



Unique Drilling Fluids Research and Development Group has interest in multiple disciplines.  We service the oil and gas industry by researching and developing products that perform much better than our clients minimum requirement or specification. We do this with several things in mind but one in particular is to help our clients maximize their profits! Unique Research Group collaborates and work side by side with leading universities in the areas of Geology, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry  Biochemistry, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.


It is very important for us to learn new ways to make products more efficient, cost effective, temperature stable, reliable and accurate. We welcome research projects whereby fellow industry  are in search to develop a product, whether its chemical or instrumental (field portable or large). We develop these products with reputable university scientist who are experts at what they do. Nevertheless, Uniquest researchers are critical to this development because they have industry insight and first hand experience of field and real problems. Unique understands how laboratory simulations and field applications may differ and we make every attempt to bridge the gap. Innovation and invention is something that Unique Research Group strives for and we know that it is achieved through research and development collaboration.