AMERICAN OILFIELD CHEMICAL MANUFACTURER                                                                                    



Unique Drilling Fluids, Inc. is a first class oil and gas wholesale chemical and equipment supply company located in downtown Dallas, TX with offices in New Orleans, La. Unique's model is to make a global contribution in the oil and gas sector. The company has personnel that have many years of experience both in the laboratory and in the field. Unique’s technical expertise and support sets it apart from normal chemical suppliers. We are dedicated to providing optimum customer service and technical assistance.

Unique’s research and development group, "Unique Group" takes pride in designing cost effective specialty chemicals and innovative equipment to meet clients specifications with an aim to set industry standards. Unique believes in cutting edge technology and considers itself to be competitive in the next wave of well monitoring, drilling fluid and cementing field portable instrumentation. In light of Unique’s diversification with respect to products and services, it is truly your ONE STOP SHOP.”