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Welcome to Unique Drilling Fluids chemical research page. We are very proactive with the innovation and special formulation of various drilling fluid and cementing chemicals. In particular, we pay close attention to temperature stability when innovating, formulating or designing products. We understand that technology, which is always advancing, requires comparable chemicals that can withstand the depths and pressures at which they will be required to endure. The creatiive thinking behind our converging research is driven by these requirement. The purpose of this page is to offer our clients and industry insight into our innovation.

Unique Drilling Fluids, Inc. is launching a research and development project in an effort to improve biopolymer thermal stability and also to enhance  fatty acid chemistry pertinent to the oil and gas drilling fluids industry. In particular, we are focusing on rheology modifiers and emulsifier chemistry. UDF will keep clients, students and all interested parties informed on the development of this fantastic opportunity by providing results of our investigations. Any team, group or company interested please see our contact page.

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