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PROP-FLO is an intermediate strength proppant that perfoms well under low to medium closure pressures. It is available in 16/30, 20/40, 30/60, 40/70.

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PROP-FLO-LT is a lightweight ceramic proppant used primarily in slickwater fracturing. It is ideal because in this system chemicals are added to the water to increase the rate at which the fluid flows in the wellbore. Conversely, the lightweight proppant does not generally affect the fluids flow rate

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PRO-FLO-SN- is a frack sand that does the job in small to large fracturing jobs. Given the large amounts of sand used the fracking process, PRO-FLO-SN is deliver to the target areas trouble free and its effectiveness is admired by our esteemed cients.

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FRAKXAN is an XCD modified specifically to for hydraulic well fracturing. It is developed to your specification based on your wells characteristics. 

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FRAGUA' is a specialized guar gum used in hydraulic well fracturing modified to meet your specifications with respect to viscosity and carrying capacity. It is a cost-effective solution your fracking job.

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FRA'BLEN- is a proprietary blend of biopolymers used to reach viscosities needed to be succesful in Fracking. It was designed as a cost effective alternative to guar gum to combat the rising and substantially high cost. It is an economic solution to your gelling requirements. It is supplied in powder and or liquid dispersions/suspensions.

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BOR-lIZE-is a borate base crosslinker used to crosslink guar gum and other biopolymers. 

ZIRCO-LIZE-is a zirconium based liquid crosslinker. It is used in the fracking industry to crosslink guar gums and other biopolymers.