AMERICAN OILFIELD CHEMICAL MANUFACTURER                                                                                    


Geochemical Research

Unique Drilling Fluids shale characterization research investigates cuttings from all over the world. We take special interest in identifying the composition and pinpointing those minerals responsible for rheological problems. Once we identify those components we recommend a shale inhibitor that will ease the end users drilling operation.

Figure 1. Shows the above Malysian shale D spacing resulting from the treatment of ethylene glycol.






Figure 2. Below shows the specific mineral (brittle Kaolinite) responsible for the problematic rheology of drilling fluids confronted with the aforemention shale.

Unique Drilling Fluids, Inc will analyze and identify any shale our clients present to us. We enjoy investigating the unknown and offering solutions once it is known. We take special interest in the EAGLE FORD SHALE, MARCELLUS SHALE, BAKKEN SHALE and many more domestically and worldwide!