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Laboratory Supplies Drilling Fluid and Cement Testing Equipment

Unique Drilling Fluids, Inc. offers quality drilling fluid and cementing equipment to enhance your quality control program and product development capabilities.We use this equipment to guarantee our products performance and ensure cost effectiveness. We also design specialty field portable instruments, equipment, laboratory testing equipment  made to your specifications. Our machining capabilities allow us to couple your ideas with our capabilities and accomplish your innovative task. Contact Unique Drilling Fluids, Inc. at for pricing and questions concerning our instruments and equipment. We also provide laboratory supplies and PPE.

Equipment and Supplies

  • Disposable laboratory PPE (effective for oil base drilling fluids. Can be worn over laboratory regular clothing. It is also ideal for field conditions such as tripping pipe, running casing, working the mud pits.
  • Recycleable Disposable PPE
  • Drilling Fluid hot roller cells/stainless steel and teflon(teflon useful for saturated salt solutions. All laboratory personnel are fully aware of the rust that accumulates and damage expensive hot roller cells.
  • PVC Transparent API fluid loss cells-Effective for demonstration purposes and allows one to see fluid penetration.
  • Stainless Steel/aluminum API fluid loss cells.
  • Portable API fluid loss stands. Perfect for field demonstrations.
  • Portable Consistiometers- HPHT
  • Floor Model Consistiometers- HPHT
  • Atmospheric Consistiometers
  • Heating Jackets
  • Thermal Heating Cups
  • Roller Ovens

Our prices are very competitive. Contact UDF, Inc. Today! Also please visit this page frequently for we are always updating our product list.