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Water Based Drilling Chemicals



Unique Drilling Fluids, Inc. supplies  high qualtiy clay products to the drilling fluid and cementing industry. We supply Wyoming bentonite, attapulgite, sepiolite and several other clays and blends to meet your viscosifying needs. 

U-BEN is a quality Wyoming bentonite, composed of the active ingredient montmorillinite, ideal for viscosifying water base drilling fluids.

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U-SEP-HT is a high quality sepiolite, a mineral composed of magnesium silicate, it is useful in oil well drilling and geothermal wells.

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U-GEL-P is a non-treated bentonite which has not been modified or blended with other viscosifiers. It exhibits exceptional yielding characteristics and cation exchange capacity.

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API Specification 13A- 9. 1.2 Bentonite-High quality Wyoming bentonite has exceeptional suspension properties and meets alll API"s stamdards.

BA-UP is a quality barium sulfate powder used to weight up drilling muds. UDF has barite with anaveerage density of 4.2. 

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U-CARB-5-Ultrafine calcium carbonate has mean particle size of 5 micron.

U-CARB-50-Fine calcium carbonatre has a mean particle size of 50 micron.

U-CARB-150- Medium calcium carboante has a mean particle size of 150 micron.

Download : U-CARB


POLY-MUD-CF is UDF's clay free polymer drilling fluid or closed circuit system. The purpose of this water base drilling fluid is to control high viscosity and is an alternative to a high solids mud, which slows down drilling rates. Our clay free system is not intended for every well but for those that require a mud weight of less than 11.5 ppg its an ideal fluid system. It exhibits excellent hole cleaning characteristics and accomplishes this at low pumping pressures. It increases drilling rates and when our polymer package is coupled with KCl clay hydration reduction is trivial. Our system is designed to save our clients money and maximize their overall profits in the long run. Consult with a UDF, Inc. technical support specialist for more details and fluid design specific for your well.


U-SUREFOAM-LT is UDF'S stable foam drilling fluid system. This drilling fluid package is ideal in low pressure zones such as those that are seen in West Texas. It has excellent wall building and hole cleaning characteristics. It is a true "no solids" drilling fluid which contains our foaming surfactant, FOAM-ACTANT or FOAM-NONIC. This foaming agent performs exceptionally well at very low annular velocities. Corrosion is avoided by very carefully selecting a suitable corrosion inhibitor that will not counter act with the foam. This is a very critical step in a system of this nature. Due to its low density U-SUREFOAM-LT imposes minimum pressure on the formation which reduces lost circulation. U-PAC and UQ-TROL are used synergistically to provide a sufficient lubricating coefficient, stabilze foam and exhibit low viscosities at the drill bit. Shale inhibitors and additonal lubricants may be added to prevent shale swelling and increase penetration rates respectively. The fact that air, water and small quantities of foaming agent are the primary constituents of this system it is truly an ecology friendly cost effective drilling mud. Contact Unique Drilling Fluids technical divison for recommendations on formulating a system specific for your environment.



Biochemicals have given the oil and gas indsutry a facelift ever since their introduction as viscosifiers. Theie viscosifying, fluids loss control, wall plastering and environmentally friendly characteristics have further enhanced their significance to the industry.  


U-PAC-R is a high purity polyanionic celluosic material of medium to high molecular weight. It is used in water base drilling fluids as a fluid loss reducer, clay encapsulator and increases viscosity.

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U-PAC-LV is a polyanionic cellulose material known for its polar organic acid reactive functional groups. The solubility and reactivity of the biopolymer imparts filtration control in water base drilling fluids without excessively increasing viscosity.

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U-PAC-HV is a polyanionic cellulose material with a higher molecular weight, it  imparts filtration control in WBM.

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Z-XAN is UDF's premium xanthan gum used as a viscosifier and has exceptional carrying capacity is WBM. Extensive research and comparative studies were performed to ensure our product is competitve and cost-efficient been performed on  to ensure that we provide our clients with the best.

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X-ZAN is an economical grade xanthan gum that is targeted to meet your specifications and maximize your profits in the process.

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U-XAN is our technical grade xanthan gum.

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STARZ-XT is UDF's premium grade drilling starch that is treated with a qualtiy biocide to extend freshness in and prevent attack from microbiological organisms. It performs according to API specifications in 4% and saturated salt solutions. SEE PICTURE ABOVE

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STARZ-X is our economical grade starch used to control fluid loss in fresh and salt water.

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STARZ-HT is a non-fermenting quality starch. It is crosslinked to provide temperature stability to 302 F. It is an ideal fluid loss additive in WBM.

U-VIS-G is a high qualtiy guar gum with viscosity ranging from 5000 cp. See photo to the right>>>>>.

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U-VIS-67 is an alpha type fast hydrating guar gum with viscosity ranging from 6500-7000 cp.

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PM-TROL-CF is a stabilized hydroxyethyl celluosic material used in our clay-free drilling fluid system POLY-MUD-CF.

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UQ-TROL-HV is a high molecular weight carboxymethyl cellulosic material used to control filtrate loss and creates a fine wall plaster or filter cake in the well bore.

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UQ-TROL-LV is a low molecular weight carboxymethyl cellulosic material used to control filtrate loss in WBM.

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POLY-BUB-FL is an aphron type polymer which encapsulates a gasous material and seeks out cracks and fissures. Once those fissures are identified POLY-BUB-FL infilrates and upon contact swells and consequently seals. It is therefore an ideal fluid loss additive and highly recommended.

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THERM-TRIX-36 is a special polymeric filtrate control additve that is effective in water base muds and can withstand bottom hole temperatures up to 225°C.

Download THERM-TRIX-36

THERM-TRIX-26 is a unique polymeric fluid loss additive effective in water base muds.. It is specifically designed to control medium to high bottom hole temperatures.

Download THERM-TRIX-26

SULF-STOP-is a sulfonated polymeric material used to control fluid losses in water base muds. It works synergistically with biopolymers and is included as constituent in dispersed muds. In turn this synergy provides thermal stability for the system as a whole.

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UNIQ-COAT is a partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide that has high molecular weight and anionic characteristics. It is ideal when reactive shale is a problematic during your drilling activities. Available in powder or liquid.

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UNIQ-COAT-C is a partially hydrolyzed polacrylamide with a high molecular and is positively charged (cationic). It inhibits the reactivity of troublesome shale. Available in powder or liquid.

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UNIQ-COAT-N is a non-ionic partially hydrolyze polyacrylamide that has a high molecular weight and neutral reactivity. Available in powder or liquid.

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UNIQ-COAT-LM is a partially hydrolyze polyacrylamide that has a low molecular weight and anionic characteristics. It is ideal for high temperature wells with troublesome shale. Available in powder or liquid.


UNIQ-COAT-LM2 is a partially hydrolyzed polyacrlamide that has a low molecular weight and cationic reactivity. It is ideal for high temperature well with troublesome shale. Available in powder or liquid.

Download UNIQ-COAT-LM2

UNIQ-COAT-LM3 is a partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide with a special carrier that combats salty formations.

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CLAY-STA-35 is a 70% choline chloride liquid product that is a suitable KCl replacement. It is effective in horizontal and utility drilling.

Download CLAY-STA-35




U-THIN-CF is a chrome-free lignosulfonate w/Fe. It is used to reduce viscosity, control rheology and is also known as a filtration reducer in water base drilling fluids. It is an Eco-friendly product which is highly recommended.

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U-THIN-Cr is a chrome activated lignosulfonate used as a rheology control and deflocculant in water base drilling fluids. It is used in all water base systems including salt, lime, brackish and gypsum water.

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U-THIN-T is a tanin based viscosity reducer and or rheology control additive used in WBM.

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U-THIN-HT is a highly effective acrylate co-polymer rheology control additive ideal for high bottom hole temperatures. It is available in powder and liquid emulsions. Its thinning efficiency is effective up to 204°C.

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U-THIN-PA is a cost-effective solution to viscosity problems in water base drilling fluids. It is a low molecular weight anionic acrylate co-polymer that is a exceptional replacement for lignosulfonates and tanin base thinners.

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U-THIN-CL is a causticized lignite pre-treated to meet alkaline conditions which are required to disperse WBM to desired viscosities.

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STUCK-FREE-WB is cost effective proprietary blend of organic, surfactants and water used to overcome differential sticking which is the difference of the hydrostatic pressure of the drillstring and the formation pressure locking it in place. You can free your pipe with STUCK-FREE-WB.


STUCK-FREE-EF is based on the same chemistry as the product aforementioned however it is a proprietary enviro-friendly blend.



SEEP-RID-WB is a special sized nut shell effective at preventing mud loss or lost circulation for small to medium sized well fractures. It is available in fine, medium or course grades. It is a cost effective solution to lost circulation problems.

Download SEEP-RID-EB

QUE-SEAL-WB is an eco-friendly bio-polymeric lost circulation material. Its matrix network forming fibers create an internal molecular infrastructure suitable to control seepage losses from fractured formatons and porous course sands. Its biodegradibility makes it the environmental choice for lost circulation material. It is an ideal choice and price to control seepage losses.

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FOAM-ACTANT is an organic anionic foaming surfactant that is effective in fresh and salt water. The foaming agent produces a stable foam that exhibits brilliant hole cleaning abilities at low annular velocities.


FOAM-NONIC is a non-ionic organic foaming surfactant/agent that is commonly used as a primary constituent in foam muds.




U-RIDFOAM-OH is an alcohol based defoamer used as additive in most water base drilling fluid formulations to decrease foam, which can affect rheology readings and in turn subjects the system to unwanted air.


UNI-DFOAM is a silicone based defoamer used in WBM.

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